Three Decades of Support for UTC

Author: Omar Dedovic

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Through his time, talent and treasure, David Higney (’88) has been giving back to his alma mater for more than 30 years, echoing what it means to be a Moc.

From his early days on campus, David’s involvement in the Student Government Association and Honor Court laid the foundation for his lifelong commitment to UTC. His journey from a student leader to a successful attorney is peppered with instances of his unwavering support for his alma mater.

“My time at UTC was transformative. It’s where I not only gained knowledge but also learned the value of community and giving back.”

With over 25 years in environmental law, David has navigated complex legal terrains, from civil and business litigation to multi-district and class-action defense. His leadership extends to roles in the Tennessee Bar Association’s Environmental Law Section and the American Inns of Court Brock-Cooper Chapter. This blend of professional success and a deep-rooted connection to UTC has fueled Higney’s long-standing commitment to the university.

Reflecting on the importance of philanthropy, David expresses, “To me, giving back is not just about donations. It’s about investing in the future of the institution that shaped my own future.”

For David, philanthropy goes beyond financial support. His engagement with current students, participation in alumni events and mentorship roles underscore his belief in the power of personal involvement in shaping the university’s legacy.

“Staying connected and contributing, in any form, is crucial. Our support as alumni is vital for nurturing the next generation of leaders.”

David Higney’s decades-long relationship with UTC stands as a powerful symbol of what it means to be a committed alumnus. As David continues to contribute his expertise, leadership and resources, his blend of professional success and deep-rooted connection to UTC will build a legacy at UTC that will undoubtedly endure for decades to come.