Soaring High Through ROTC

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Stormy Elrod, an Exercise Science major with a minor in nutrition and military science, found her calling in the ROTC program and has her sights set on the skies.

Stormy isn’t your typical college graduate. Sure, she’s accomplished amazing academic feats – graduating with a degree in exercise science, a minor in nutrition and another in military science. But Stormy’s journey to UTC’s commencement stage is paved with grit, determination and a newfound passion for aviation that blossomed within the university’s ROTC program.

While convenience initially drew Stormy to UTC, it wasn’t long before she discovered a vibrant community that would become her launching pad for a remarkable future. “The ROTC program was definitely a turning point,” Stormy reflects. “The camaraderie, the discipline, the leadership opportunities – it all clicked for me. I found a purpose, a direction I never knew existed.”

Stormy’s path to becoming Battalion Commander in the ROTC program wasn’t without its challenges. Balancing a demanding academic schedule with the rigorous ROTC training regimen required meticulous planning and unwavering focus. “There were days that were brutal,” Stormy admits. “Early mornings for PT, late nights studying, squeezing in ROTC activities in between – it pushed me to my limits. But the support system within the program was incredible. We held each other accountable, celebrated each other’s successes and pushed each other to be better.”

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Stormy has been an outstanding Cadet for the program, serving as a Platoon Leader, staff officer and most importantly Battalion Commander… she will be the finest representation of the University, the UTC ROTC program and United States Army as she forges her future.

Captain Stuart Allgood

Department Head for Military Sciences

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The leadership skills Stormy honed in ROTC extend far beyond the military context. She credits the program with instilling in her the confidence to take charge, delegate effectively and motivate others. These skills were evident in her role as Battalion Commander, where she oversaw a team of cadets and ensured the smooth operation of the entire program.

Stormy’s dedication to excellence extends beyond the military sphere. Her academic pursuits in exercise science and nutrition reflect a genuine interest in health and wellness, a passion she hopes to integrate into her future endeavors.

Looking ahead, Stormy is poised to take flight as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. Her ultimate goal? Army Aviation. “The idea of piloting a helicopter, of using my skills to support troops on the ground – that’s incredibly motivating,” she enthuses.

The skies are not even the limit for this inspiring graduate. Congratulations Stormy!

Stormy Elrod with Team

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