Nourishing Success: The Impact of Scrappy’s Cupboard

Author: Omar Dedovic

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Isaiah Southern has always been a determined student. A Psychology major and president of Club Tennis at UTC, Isaiah is harnessing his shots at creating the life and career he envisions. Yet, like many students, his journey has had challenges leading him to Scrappy’s Cupboard.

Helping over 1,000 students since it opened in 2017 and nearly 400 from the previous academic year alone, Scrappy’s Cupboard offers a variety of pantry staples, fresh and frozen foods, clothing, feminine care products and household items to UTC students – anonymously and free of charge.

Being solely responsible for all his expenses, Isaiah sought assistance from Scrappy’s Cupboard when life threw him a few curveballs. “My mother and grandmother passed away a couple of years ago,” he explained. “So, it’s really up to me to care for myself.”

Due to his experience using Scrappy’s Cupboard, Isaiah advocates for other students to seek help from campus resources when needed. “There are unexpected expenses, such as doctor’s visits, car maintenance, etc., that may set you back. Then you have to worry about things like rent and utilities, gas and other bills, which may cause you to come up a little short for food.”

Isaiah describes Scrappy’s Cupboard as a lifeline, ensuring he didn’t have to sacrifice his education for basic needs. “Using Scrappy’s Cupboard has helped me stay focused on my studies and extracurriculars without getting distracted due to hunger.”

Donations entirely fund Scrappy’s Cupboard. When asked how people could help, Isaiah’s response was simple. “Donate. Donate. Donate.”

Support Students Like Isaiah on Mocs Give Day:

Mocs Give Day is coming up on Tuesday, October 3. Thanks to the support of Five Star Food Service and the UC Foundation, all gifts to Scrappy’s Cupboard on Mocs Give Day will be matched $1 for $1 up to $25,000. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make your gift go further and support UTC students like Isaiah. Sign up to be a Mocs Give Day ambassador here.