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Civil Engineering major Remington Cross found a unique way to get involved at UTC – creating UTC Survivor, a campus favorite. With a passion for water resources engineering, don’t be surprised to see Remington back on campus for some friendly intramural competition.

Remington’s most unexpected accomplishment lies not in textbooks but in bringing people together. His brainchild, UTC Survivor, a campus-wide competition modeled after the popular reality TV show, wasn’t just about finding the sole survivor; it was about building a community and fostering teamwork.

Remington’s journey at UTC began with a clear academic goal: to become a civil engineer. However, his desire to leave his mark on campus transcended the classroom. Inspired by the show in 2020, Remington envisioned a similar competition at UTC. “I love being able to kind of make this completely different world that students can enter at their leisure within the week for challenges or strategizing,” he explains.

From that spark of inspiration, UTC Survivor was born. Entirely student-managed and run, from production to editing, the competition has grown into a campus phenomenon, spanning four seasons. For a month, students are immersed in the game, forging alliances and facing challenges that test their physical and mental grit.

The success of UTC Survivor wouldn’t have been possible without the hidden hero: the UTC Library. This is where the magic happens. Equipped with cameras, sound equipment, and editing software, all borrowed from the library, the UTC Survivor team transforms a quiet corner into a production hub. Librarians, whenever available, lend their expertise, guiding students through the editing process and helping them bring their vision to life.

It’s been a joy to watch students work so hard on something completely driven by their own project. It’s the kind of project spaces like the Studio dream of supporting.

Emily Thompson


UTC Library Studio

“The library has been a huge asset for UTC Survivor,” Remington acknowledges. “It’s not just about the equipment; it’s about the supportive environment the library staff provides.” This unique collaboration between students and the library highlights the resources available on campus and the power of collaboration in achieving ambitious goals.

The impact of UTC Survivor goes beyond the competition itself. It’s about creating memories, fostering friendships and leaving a legacy. Even as Remington embarks on his professional journey as a water resource engineer, UTC Survivor will live on, managed by future generations of students.

Remington is excited for what the future holds. He has a civil engineering position lined up at Stantec, and his passion for water resource engineering promises a fulfilling career. But he’ll also carry the memories of UTC Survivor, the friendships he made thanks to his creative spirit and desire to bring people together.

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