Career Services

UTC Career Services

UTC Counseling and Personal Development Center

Whether you're just entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce, or looking to adjust your career path, you are provided with counseling, career planning, and advice for how to make the most of your future!

UTC Placement Office

The UTC Placement Office provides a detailed lists of job opportunities in the regional Chattanooga area.  Local employers contact UTC because they're looking for graduates just like you!  Visit their website today and learn about the many opportunities awaiting you in your area.

Job Search Videos offers tutorials and advices for UTC alumni pursuing their careers.

UTC Alumni CashCourse Site

Need budgeting & financial planning advice?  Interested in learning how to pay back college loans and still afford the basics?  Visit our page to find out how you can customize your budget today!


Join the UTC Alumni Community, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga LinkedIn page, or the UTAA alumni's page for the most up-to-date discussions, job postings, and online virtual networking opportunities.


UTAA Career Services

Being a graduate of UTC has its perks!  As a member of the UT Alumni Association (UTAA) , you are offered the latest in career services including new programs and networking opportunities for all graduates of the University of Tennessee system.  Visit UTAA Connect Career Service page to learn more about the following:
  • Webinars and other career services events
  • Robust job search tools
  • Face-to-face and online networking
  • Career counseling
  • Resume and cover letter tips
  • Advice for finding and applying to the right graduate program